Beauty Professional

There are three distinctly different occupational pathways within the Beauty Professional role; each requires a different highly skilled individual practitioner to deliver the specific requirements of each area of specialism and workplace environment; these are a Beauty and Make-up Consultant, a Beauty Therapist and a Nail Technician. All three options require the Beauty Professional to be able to carry out detailed and confidential consultations with clients, choosing the most appropriate services and products. They must act with professionalism, without supervision, and observe the safe working practices associated with their role, to a high level of precision.

A Beauty and Make-up Consultant will provide detailed make-up application and instruction for application alongside purchasing advice in a retail environment. They will demonstrate techniques and apply specifically chosen products to clients. They will work in a make-up studio, department store, salon or spa.

Mandatory units

- Instruct the use and application of skincare products and make-up

- Advise customers on eye and brow products

- Advise customers on facial products

- Advise customers on nail products

- Contribute to promotional activities

- Follow stock control procedures

- Make beauty recommendations to clients

- Advise and recommend on perfumery products

EPA duration

- Maximum 2.5 hours (excluding breaks, inclusive of a 10 minute presentation) with a minimum of 1 client

A Beauty Therapist will give one to one treatments on clients in a private environment providing facials, hair removal waxing services, eyelash and brow treatments, hand and foot treatments and make-up services. They will be working in a Beauty Salon or Spa.

Mandatory units

- Remove hair using wax

- Provide hand and nail treatments

- Provide foot treatments

- Provide facial treatments

- Provide a range of eye and brow treatments

- Provide make-up application

Optional units - choose 1

- Provide self-tanning

- Provide a massage 

EPA duration 

- Maximum 5 hours (excluding breaks) with a minimum of 1 client

A Nail Technician will perform manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, nail treatments, nail art, gel polishes, nail extension and repair services using a selection of Acrylic, Gel, Fibreglass or silk wrap systems. They will work in a Nail Bar/Salon.

 Mandatory units

- Provide a manicure treatment

- Provide a pedicure treatment

- Advise customers on nail products and services

- Provide gel polish for nails

- Create basic nail art

- Provide a nail enhancement system

EPA duration

- Maximum of 4 hours (excluding breaks) with a minimum of 2 clients